Capoeira Tunes

Yoel Zeldes



Capoeira Tunes is the ultimate app for watching and managing your collection of capoeira songs lyrics. This app lists all of your capoeira beloved songs, and lets you watch each songs lyrics. ========================================== FEATURES: * Create songs: Do you want to have your own songs collection? With Capoeira Tunes - you can Enter your own songs, edit them, translate them, insert a link to youtube... If you run into a song you like on the web - just copy and paste its lyrics. * Manage songs: Do you have trouble organizing your songs collection? With Capoeira Tunes, you can organize it into your own lists. you can even group several lists into one category (e.g. the songs lists Corridos and Ladainhas are grouped into Genre category). * Search: Do you have a chorus stuck in your head and you want to find the whole songs lyrics? You can easily find songs in your collection using the search bar. * Have a fresh start: Capoeira Tunes includes a nice songs collection so you can get started.

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