Can You Find a Cat? 🐈




Hidden objects game - CATS One of hidden object games where your skills do matter, to find a hidden cat is not an easy job. Yes. Its quite challenging to find the kitten. You will have to become a master detective if you want to prosper in this game. Find and seek game requires dedication, commitment, endurance, full battery and a finger. A magnifying glass is recommended, but not required. Instead, you can use our special helpers: Hint: The most basic helper in every hidden object game is called Hint. It shows a cat. Best to use it on the last cat on the scene. Compass: It will point to the cat. If you want to have cat-finding-party, you need to use this one Kittens wont have any chance to stay in their hiding places. The cat search with this helper is a pleasure. Time: The most powerful helper in the game. If you dont have enough time to find the cat, you can extend it. This gives you the possibility to gain huge score and tons of items. If you have problems to find all cats use this helper. There are 5 hidden cats on every scene. When you find a cat just tap on it. After, all cats are revealed you will go to a new scene. More kittens you reveal, more chances you have to find a hidden item. Items are used to build a new world and there you will have even more chances to find the cats. The best cats finder will be rewarded with rare collectible items after a level competition. Out of powerups? No problem Visit the in-game store to buy them. You will get some free coins every few minutes. The game will improve your memory after few gameplays you wont have any problem to find the kitten. Object finding games will make you and your kids concentrated at one place, so it will also develop other mind skills. --- Game Features --- - Cat search on various scenes - Worlds with various background screens - pinch to zoom - Build worlds - Tricky hiding locations - Hints, compass and time bonus - Collect items, there are hidden objects on many scenes - Collectible items that can be exchanged - Coins & experiences - Power-ups store & free coins every few minutes - Internet connection is NOT required WARNING Dont get too addictive - there is known side effect, quite powerful - its called cat-o-spotittius: affected person spots hidden cats everywhere - even if they arent there. Send us a photo of your kitten at and will make it a star in next hog update. If you have any problem with the game, please, send us an email. We are trying to make best cat game out there. We hope youll enjoy it.

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