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IMPORTANT It may take up to a day for update of bus stops to happen. You can make it early with MenuSettingsUpdate bus data. A real time bus tracker for LRT Lothian buses and trams written by Andrew de Quincey and Colin Paton, using data from the CEC My Bus Tracker website. Please visit http://code.google.com/p/redbus/ for more information. Notes: * If something isnt working right and you have the time to spare, could you please send an email as well as commenting. It greatly speeds up fixing things if we can ask for more detail on the problem than Market comments allow (although we do appreciate those too). * If the app goes missing after a recent update, Im informed that uninstalling+reinstalling it using SettingsApplicationsManage Applications should restore it. * If you have a homescreen icon on an HTC Sense phone, the picture will not be updated until you reboot. However, it should function just as before without a reboot. We cant do anything about this issue as it appears to be an HTC bug. * We are unable to use the new pre-caching or vector maps support as seen in the most recent Google Maps versions. These features are only available internally within the Google Maps application itself, and Google have made no way to use them from an external application. Therefore, we are stuck with the basic bitmap-based maps with no pre-caching until Google decide to support this. If they ever do, we would definitely want to use it.