Call Waiting Ringer free(w/Caller Ring Back Tone)

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Plays a sound or vibrates when a call waiting is received. Also new feature you can now play a ringtone on a outgoing call. When you speak into the mic the sound stops. Very convenient way not to miss a call-waiting when there is loud noise nearby. It works for text messages during a call-waiting too. Very easy and clear setup and user interface. Even a child can figure it out. Also makes your android watch vibrate on a call-waiting. There is also a no ads paid version. There is a more complex version thats a little harder to use but richer features(like text-waiting sounds) here: & this one which says the name of the caller out-loud so you dont have to look at your phone: note: Please use as is and there is no guarantee etc. Email me for any features you want added and i can consider it. ringback tones ,ringback tone, ringbacks, ringbacks free, ringback tones for android, callback tunes

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