Calibre Sync

Seng Jea Lee

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This app seamlessly connects to your Calibre Library and shows up as a connected device on Calibre. If Auto-Connect option is enabled, your device will attempt to connect to the Calibre Library when it is within the home Wi-Fi network. This allows Calibre to automatically update your device with the latest newspaper or magazines you have scheduled for download Frequently Given Answers: 1. You need to have a reader application installed on the device (such as Aldiko or CoolReader) in order to view the files. 2. If the app seems to sit there and do nothing, it is likely that your Calibre Library hasnt been configured to allow Wireless Device connections OR that you have a firewall preventing it from doing so. 3. Kindle for Android only opens PDF files called from outside their app. Still working on a hack which can make integration with that app easier. 4. For integration with Nook Simple Touchs Calibre plug-in, set the Root Folder to My Files/ 5. Might not work with Calibre 3.0 Version 1.1.3 * Ability to add IP addresses manually * Ability to browse Device Library by Tag Version 1.2.0: * Search function for Calibre Library Please email me with your feedback and comments. They are much appreciated. Thanks

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