Food Manager

Giovanni Giglio

Food & Drink


Managing your food made easy!All your food is showed in a list, sorted by the expiration date.Food can be marked by the Preservation type:- PANTRY- FRIDGE- FREZEERIts easy to distinguish them, since to every preservation type is assigned a different color: - GREEN (Pantry) - BLUE (Fridge) - LIGHT BLUE (Freezer)Search your food by name or filter them based on the preservation type.For each food item is available a card, that summarize its details, from which the following operations can be executed:- EAT (Allows to eat a given quantity of food)- EDIT (Allows to modify all the item's details)- DELETE (Allows to delete a food item)The food Quantity can be expressed in:- UNITS- PERCENTAGEHave fun using the app!CREDITS:Icons made by from