CalliPlus Chinese Calligraphy

Daniel Kao

Books & Reference

Mobile Chinese calligraphy dictionary. With internet, you can look up calligraphy written by famous calligraphers in the history. font color="red" Due to Firewall Blocking, this app cant be used in China. Look up 1. Look up single character:list how the Chinese character is written in different styles by different masters. 2. Look up multiple characters:you can swipe left/right to see different character lists. 3. Show information about the calligrapher and its written in which masterpiece. 4. Adjust how many columns are shown in the same screen. Writing Practice 1. Click on characters to see large one. 2. Grid lines can be displayed in background. 3. Characters can be shown in contour. 4. Use your finger to write on the screen 5. Share calligraphy characters, or your own handwritings. 6. Save individual calligraphy or handwritings to external storage (under folder CalliPlus) 7. Select the characters you like, and save them as a collection Wither version higher than Android 4.4, Calliplus also supports printing calligraphy into pdf file font color="red" Please buy paid version if you like it. With paid version, theres no ads anymore. hr These data are from 行政院國家發展委員會,CNS11643中文標準交換碼全字庫網站

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