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Try this new easy to use lightweight web browser. Survey Serving Technology This app uses Pollfish SDK to deliver targeted surveys to its users. We reserve the right to use and disclose the collected, non-personal data, collected for better survey targeting and distribution by Pollfish. Pollfish may use demographic and geo-location information, previous collected answers, as well as information logged from your hardware or device to ensure that relevant surveys are presented to this apps users. Pollfish may collect and use data, for such purposes, including (when available and authorized by apps permissions or after users consent) but not limited to data such as IP address, Advertising ID, Network information, MAC address, IMEI, installed software, hardware type, Operating System information, previous users answers and others. Pollfish relates these data only after users consent. The foregoing data may be used and disclosed in accordance with this Privacy policy and the Privacy policy of Pollfish. Pollfish may display to you behaviorally targeted surveys. If you wish to optout from Pollfish surveys you can do that by disabling advertising in your phones Google Account settings.