Caller Mobile Location Tracker

Zinn App Studio



★ Mobile Caller location Tracker is tracking tool that enables you to know location of Incoming Calls, Mobile Contacts, Mobile Numbers & any Phone Number and allow to block them. ★ Offline support and works even without internet connection. ★ Caller ID : Identify calls from unknown phone numbers (not in your phone book) before you answer or return the call. ★ Call Blocking: Block calls and take your privacy. ★ Whitelist: Never Block added number. ★ It will also show Telephone Operator of the mobile or landline phone number initially assigned to. ★ For all incoming calls, it also tells time of last communication with that mobile or landline phone number. Note: This application will not show the actual physical location/GPS location of the caller. All location information is grouped and shown at State/City level only based on area code. This app will tell you location and the Caller ID. FEATURES ★ Displays Location(Country/State/City) of Incoming and Outgoing mobile calls automatically on Call Screen Display. ★ Displays time of last Communication with any phone number. ★ Notification about geographic location(at Country/State/City level) of Incoming Calls. ★ User friendly and robust User Interface for app navigation. ★ Trace/Search any phone number for its location. ★ GPS view of caller location on MAP Note: We are not storing or transmitting user data off the device. any of caller data. this app is completely offline. Permission: Read/modify contacts: This permission is only for caller ID feature. Read SD Card: This permission is only for showing Caller location on MAP. Location service: To show Caller Distance from current location. All the permission are for app uses only there is no way we are playing with user privacy. Database is completely offline.

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