Car Key Simulator

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Car key simulator is a very nice prank you can play on your friends: it simulates a car key, allowing you to: * make car alarm sounds; * pretend you can unlock a real car when using it with the real car key (hidden); When pressing a button on the carkey, the led light shall change from green to red to signal that the carkey is working and it emits radio waves. Prank your friends that a car can be unlocked with this car key Remember that this app is only for entertainment purposes This car key is enhanced with vibrations and screen shake effects. You can turn these off if you desire. Share this car key simulator with your friends via e-mail, SMS, Twitter or Facebook. Keep your finger on the button to hear the alarm sound continuously. You may toggle off vibrations, shaking and even make it sound louder, if the phone is not already set so. Please understand that this app contains advertisements in order to allow us to further develop fun apps for you. For further questions, suggestions please send us an e-mail. Thank you and enjoy

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