Electric Guitar Simulator




Hard Rock Guitar Simulator is a simulator of electric guitar: tap with your fingers the virtual strings to play a melody Want to learn playing on hard rock guitar? Want to be a rock star in life? Learn playing the real one This guitar is for virtual hard rock Its a simulator of you learning to play, it DOES NOT teach you Act like you know how to play hard rock melodies with this guitar Show your friends how youll rock the party if you learn Use Hard Rock Guitar Simulator as a prank for friends No need to know the music notes No need to know sol-fa or know how to play electric guitar for real Just tap virtual strings with your fingers, dont miss and listen to the hard rock melodies being played by you Attention If you want to learn playing an electric guitar, the app Hard Rock Guitar simulator will not teach you or give any knowledge, but the look of a guitar hero who can play unbelievable rock music is guaranteed Got tired from one melody? Play another Surprise your friends with your electric guitar master skills Act like a Hard Rock Hero Play Hard Rock Guitar Simulator Features: Different melodies for playing Hard Rock Nice prank for friends Guitar hero image