Guess the novel




Guess the novel is a fascinating game of questions and answers with which you will have hours of fun assured. Have fun commemorating and remembering all those popular novels that marked trend all over the world. With Guess the name of the novel, you will have to strive to remember an infinity of names of the most popular novels both current and past. Guess the novel has more than 40 levels that ensure extreme fun and nostalgia for remembering those historical novels that marked your life. Whats the game about? The dynamics of the game consists of guessing or guessing the name of the novel that will be exposed in an image, if you can guess the name automatically receive rewards as well as unlock the next level to play. In case you can not overcome some level you can also ask for help to all your friends, friends or family fans of novels. How to play? Once started the game will show you an image with actors or something very representative of the novel, and below a series of letters which have to be used to form the name of the novel. If you guess the name, you go to the next level where you have to repeat the process with another novel. Guess the novel has more than 40 levels with different novels. Be the first to complete this entertaining game of questions and answers, to prove to your family or friends who is the real or true expert in soap operas.