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Easy, Quick & Rewarding Good Deeds for all of us to do Everyday Earn a thousand good deeds in Minutes. In Ramadan Almighty Allah grants us the reward of a Fardh action for every Nafl performed, while Fardh get multiplied by 70 times. Maximum your reward thru this Easy Good Deeds in this Holy Month of Ramadan. Quranic Surahs / Ayats :: Rewards, Benefits and Virtues of different Surahs and its Recitation Dhikr / Tashib :: A collection of various forms of dhikr and tasbih from the Sunnah. Fasting :: Nafl Fasting & its Virtue Nafl Salaat listed below are covered in detail in this App: Tahiyyat-ul Wudhu Tahiyyat-ul Masjid Ishraaq Dhuhaa (Chaasht) Awwaabeen Tahajjud Salaatul Saffar Saalatul Hajaat Istikhaarah Salaatul Taubah Salaatul Tasbeeh