Easy Draw: Learn How to Draw a Princesses & Queens

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Have you ever wanted to be a princess or to learn how to draw a princess? This free How To Draw Princesses game will allow you embark on an enchanting art journey. This game is an entertaining, educational tool that will encourage the artists creativity. Whether drawing the frozen Snow Princess, Ice Queen, magical Cinderella or the adventurous Little Mermaid, you can choose from a wide array of favorite fairy tales princesses and learn to draw them with step by step instructions. This drawing game can make anyone feel like an artist. Follow the easy step by step instructions to create your very own royal princess masterpiece and just like that your screen will be transformed into your magical castle. Choose from a variety of colors and art tools such as pencils and brushes to draw each princess. A pinch and zoom tool is available to assist with more detailed drawing. How to Draw Princess and Queens are fun drawing lessons providing endless fun on the go. This game is more than just an educational tool it is captivating entertainment for all ages. Name: How to Draw Princess & Queens by TeachersParadise.com Studios. Features: Over 20 princesses and more than 600 individual art lessons 9 Drawing Tools. Unlimited color selection. Share your artwork.