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☆ SleepRate is all you need for a great night's sleep! ☆SleepRate is a complete mobile sleep solution combining a variety of professional grade features to guarantee you better, healthier sleep. Take advantage of the sleep cycle monitoring, sleep pattern analysis and snoring detection in a single, easy to use app. Compatible with your favorite Bluetooth enabled heart rate trackers, Android Wear and Google Fit, you're only a download away from the best sleep of your life! ★ BETTER SLEEP. BETTER LIFE. ★From improved memory and creativity to better skin and a longer life – we all need a good night's sleep! In today's busy world, many of us don't sleep as well as we should. SleepRate will track, analyze and provide therapy to help you sleep better! Achieve a healthier, happier and more productive life with better sleep! ★ SLEEPRATE - HIGHLIGHTS ★• Daily insights into the structure and quality of your sleep using the sleep tracker• Smart alarm to wake you up at the optimal time, without disturbing your sleep cycle• Noise and snoring detection for healthy sleep • Sleep analysis based on your heart rate or movement patterns with the tracker app• Automated assessment of behavioral sleep disorders• Automated CBTi-based therapy• And much more! ★ COMPATIBLE TRACKING DEVICES ★For the most accurate sleep measurement results, we recommend you use the SleepRate sleep app to monitor your sleep with a heart rate or movement tracking device.Some of the most popular devices compatible with SleepRate are: • Fitbit Wrist Band• Garmin Wearables• Android Wear Watches• Polar H10• Polar H7• Suunto Smart Sensor• CardioSport HRM• Wahoo TICKR (except TICKR X)• Under Armour HRM• Hexoskin Smart Shirts★ CHOOSE THE RIGHT SLEEP PLAN FOR YOU ★We're all different and so are our sleep patterns! We've created a range of different plans to suit your individual sleep goals. This is achieved with our sleep therapy plans for healthy sleep.▸ Sleep Monitoring:Track your sleep & gain daily and weekly insights into the structure and quality of your sleep. When used in combination with a Bluetooth enabled heart rate tracking device, SleepRate provides an in-depth analysis of your sleep, covering sleep stages, nighttime stress and much more. *The Sleep Monitoring plan is offered as a 1-year subscription.▸ Sleep Assessment:A professional grade sleep check-up from the comfort of home! After 7 days of sleep monitoring, you will receive a thorough sleep report presented in an easy-to-understand format. The report includes a detailed description of your sleep activity, identifying and explaining any issue(s) that may be negatively affecting the quality of your sleep.*The Sleep Assessment plan includes a 1-year subscription for Sleep Monitoring▸ Sleep Therapy:Your personal sleep doctor – in your pocket. Improve the quality of your sleep and fix any sleep related problems with a personalized therapy plan customized to your specific situation. Receive step by step guidance to help you:• Fall asleep faster• Reduce the number of times you wake up during the night• Get more sleep, if needed• Wake up more refreshed and energized• Enjoy overall healthier sleep*The Sleep Therapy plan includes a 1-year subscription for Sleep Monitoring▸ Get In Touch:We're always working to make SleepRate better. If you would like any more information – perhaps to see if your tracking device is compatible with SleepRate – or you would like to send us feedback, contact our support team at★ SLEEP HEALTHY WITH SLEEPRATE – DOWNLOAD TODAY! ★

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