EXCLUSIVELY DEVELOPED FOR TRACFONE WIRELESS Stop unwanted calls today with CallDetector CallDetector gives you the ability to block any unwanted phone calls (including companies or individuals you just wont want to talk to) and automatically blocks all known scam callers. CallDetector now also includes CallerYD®* to let you know not just who is calling, but WHY. CallDetector empowers you and saves time by identifying unknown numbers and blocking unwanted calls directly from your smartphone. CallDetector Features: • Scam Call Blocking • CallerYD® to know whos calling and why • Block callers by entire call category types such as Telemarketers, Political Callers, Account Services (financial information including collection activities) and more • Unlimited real-time Caller ID** • Unlimited reverse number lookup • Call Center notifications to take immediate action against unwanted calls, including Telemarketers • Block calls from unknown or anonymous callers • File FTC complaints against abusive telemarketers & unlawful collection activities from Account Service providers • Ad-free subscription at no cost This application was developed specifically for TracFone Wireless® and is free for loyal customers of the following brands: TracFone®, Net10 Wireless, SafeLink Wireless®, Straight Talk®, Total Wireless™, SIMPLE Mobile®, Telcel® (US customers only), Page Plus®, GoSmart Mobile® and Walmart Family Mobile customers. Your device must be running CallDetector app version 3.0 or higher to receive all listed features free. This is only compatible with devices running Android version 4.4 or higher. If you are not a customer of one of the qualified brands listed above, you will receive a “Lite” version of CallDetector which features are limited to scam protection, complaint filing and CallerYD®. *CallerYD® is only available for select caller types as a method of providing you additional information about the number calling you. **Real time Caller ID requires a network connection. ----------------------------------- Wed love to hear your feedback, questions, and suggestions so please reach out to us: -CallDetector FAQ:

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