Call Notifier




HAPPY & SAFE DRIVING The Application will speak up the Contact Name of the Incoming, Outgoing and End Call. Automatic Call receiving and ending is available. The primary objective of the Application is to make your DRIVE SAFE by avoiding accident, when a Call is received during the drive. Features: • Speaks the Name of the person for all the type of Calls, like Calling Andy or Andy Calling • You can Automatically receive the call by Shaking the device, Flipping the Device Down side, Saying Yes(Voice Recognition) and Auto Receive after some seconds • You can filter the calls to Auto Receive like Favorite/Starred. Phone book, Unknown contacts.(No need to touch the phone) • You can Automatic End the call through Shaking the device(No need to touch the phone) • You can set the Quiet Period where the Application remains inactive, also in this period you can change the ringer volume of the phone, like if your office timings are 9 AM to 5 PM then in this interval application will remain quiet and automatically set your desired ringer volume and as you come out of this period it will automatically set the original ringer volume so you dont miss out any call • Remains quite when you are in call, Do not disturb  (DND) in Calling • Remains silent when your ringer volume is silent/vibrate (Detect Device Profile) • You can create your own profile for the app and View, Edit, Update and Delete the profiles • You can play your favorite Media for each type of call • Can speak individual alphabets of the Contact • You can choose different languages and Speed of the speech, Like Normal, Slow, Very Slow, Fast, Very Fast • You can apply above settings for 2 times, 3 times, 5 times or Until call started Each functionality/screen has its own Help. Below 2.3 you can see that by pressing Menu button, and above 2.3 you can see the Help Icon in top right side. This is 1 Year trial version and after that some features will be disable. Full version doesnt have ads. Note : In some of the device, TTS(Text To Speech) takes time to initialize, in that case you will get some delay while playing the contact name. Feel free to contact if any support is needed to understand the app or if you are facing any issue. If you have any suggestions please provide that, your inputs will be highly appreciated. HAPPY & SAFE DRIVING Check out other Useful & Innovative Apps :

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