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If you like palmPEDi, youll love our emergency medicine app palmEM palmPEDi is the only pediatric resuscitation reference you need. Designed for physicians, nurses, anesthesia providers, EMS providers, PAs, and others caring for children in an emergency or intensive care setting, all the information you need is at your fingertips on a single screen. With a single tap. ✔ Normal Vitals ✔ ET Tube Size ✔ Laryngoscope Blade Size ✔ Oxygen Mask, NPA, BVM, LMA, OG/NG Sizes ✔ Chest Tube, Foley, BP Cuff, Suction Cath Sizes ✔ Central Line and Peripheral IV Sizes ✔ Fluid and Blood Resuscitation Volume ✔ RSI Medications ✔ Airway Maintenance Medications ✔ Cardiac/PALS Medications ✔ Allergy/Anaphylaxis ✔ Asthma ✔ Croup ✔ Hypoglycemia ✔ Acute Pain Medications ✔ Procedural Sedation ✔ Seizure Medications   See more about palmEM on our website at

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