Cal4U Wallet

Cal - Israel Credit Cards Ltd.



Cal4U - Cals digital wallet application allows customers easy and comfortable access to all of our services including loans, benefits, payments and personal account information. In addition, by using the app you can enjoy the following possibilities: 1. Log-in securely with one- time password infixed automatically or use your fingerprint, which is set in your device (in program-supporting devices). 2. Money transfer to your contact persons, Cal cardholders, simply and securely without disclosing your bank account number or your credit card number. 3. Increasing your line of credit with a touch of a button. 4. Spreading-out the monthly charge over several payments. 5. Conversation (chat) with a representative. 6. Buying digital vouchers: choose your favorite voucher, pay with a click and get a voucher code. When you want to use your voucher show the code at the store. You can also send it as gift voucher to someone else. Dont forget to write some kind words… 7. You dont recognize the store where you made the purchase? Now, you can do a Google search from the details of the transaction. 8. Sign-up simply and quickly to digital statement service, and benefit each month to view the statement on your mobile phone immediately after the billing date. 9. Status of my inquiry: Tracking and supervision the status of inquiries to the Cal customer service center. 10. Search: Now its easy and simple to find your way around the app Search button + voice button in the home page. 11. To cancel a card that was lost or stolen and also to order a replacement card for a defective card. 12. Quick personal information – Quick viewing of the last bill and the next bill, the status of the credit line and the number of havayot that you can utilize, without typing a password

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