Calculator Hide




Calculator hide is an application that is used to hide all your confidential files, documents and other data. This is awesome application and also the user wont know that it actually is the application to hide and not the calculator. Feature :- One time Login(Till the application is either uninstalled or memory cache is cleared). Hides Images, Videos , Documents (User will need to check if hidden then only go to the folder and delete it from the place it was kept.). Retrieve image to the same place(Once hidden and deleted from the folder user can retrieve it to the same place from where it was hidden and deleted). Uses Password to lock and unlock(Password must be numeric). Update Password in case your current password is vulnerable(Updated password is also numeric). Security Question in case you forgot your password which will retrieve your password and display it to you. And all the basic mathematical operation in case you want to use the application as the calculator. Feel free to contact us for any query or support. Also please do rate us and share your thoughts.

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