Million heroes : clicker free




—————————————————————————Strongly recommend game of the monthUntil this month, we have prepared 500 free gem coupons for youDownload game, and type [MILLION] at menu—————————————————————————Summon million heroes for freeBe the top ranked card master like saga!Pick up fantasy heroes card to a million times Compete with everyone around the world in the rankingDraw 60 cards an hour, 1,440 a day for free!Use your free gems to keep playing until million summonSummon fantasy heroes of 150 different myths and saga (like zeus, fantasy story)Complete your collection of heroes and upgrade your card!No need to keep hitting the screen for goldAuto clicker for you and the system runs on its own 24/7!Gather your strongest card to raid the 20 bosses on sagaGet fantasy relics to boost your skills and magicYou can get million heroes of various country and all kind of fantasy historyStrengthen your relics to increase your success rate at drawingBe the lucky hero of your legend saga!Million Heroes, just for you.Write the saga on your own.----개발자 연락처 :+8225668430

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