Call Stats & Export Call Log

Intellimax, Inc.



** With international & local call counters ** Ever wondered who calls you the most? How much time have you spent talking with someone during one week? What number makes most missed calls? What is your average call time with someone? Your daily and monthly usage? Would you like to export your call log to a file? With Call Stats you will know this and many more useful call statistics: - Filter & group calls by number or contact name - Number of all 3 types of calls (incoming, outgoing and missing) - Total & average call times - Local & international call time - Export your call log in CSV format easily imported and editable with spreadsheet applications Stats can be filtered by: - Name/phone number - Start time - End time - Call type: Outgoing, Incoming, Missed - Min duration - Max duration *** Exclusive PRO version features *** - Daily usage so you can check your daily call stats in case you have a free daily minutes. - Monthly usage with billing cycle configuration. Very useful to know your call usage in the same time interval used by your mobile company. The upgrade to the PRO version is made as an in-app purchase. No need to install a new application :) ffab832dca

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