Call Manager

mCarbon Tech Innovation



When you are busy to take your incoming calls, Call Manager manages your calls with your current status i.e. Driving, On Holiday, In Meeting, On Leave, etc. the callers will hear the profile announcement and you will receive Blocked Call SMS alert. In case you do not wish to subscribe to Call Manager, you can set up a profile at Re.1/profile. User can add the unwanted numbers to the Block Callers and add the numbers of friends & family to Always Allow Calls option. There are additional features like phonebook backup and profile scheduling. The service works for all Subscribers in India. Key features • Manage Profile- User can set and change any profile like Meeting/ Driving/ Not Available/ Busy and more at any time. • Block Callers- User can block the unwanted numbers to the list from which they do not want to receive the calls. ACM subscriber will receive the Blocked Call SMS alert. • Always Allow Calls- User can add numbers to this list from which they want to receive calls from when the profile is activated. • Schedule Profile- ACM Subscriber can schedule the profiles well in advance.

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