Math Games for 2nd Grade

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math games for 2nd grade. love math games? a math solver? play these math games. there are so many maths puzzles and math riddles. you are in 2nd grade school? want to learn mathematics? math is fun. find the math formulas and math tricks here. math curriculum for 2nd grader inside mathematics apps is : 1. addition games 2. subtraction games 3. number patterns 4. number sentences 5. number introduction up to 1000 everybody can play even though these kids math games are created for elementary school. you can call these kids games : cool math games, math playground, math tutoring or math practice. *how to play this app* first of all, this is an online game. the app needs internet connection and you have to be online. primary games : there are 6 mini games, 1 secret game and 1 bonus game. 1. equation : choose the correct number to complete the math equation 2. comparison : which one is the smaller or bigger between 2 math expressions 3. true or false : choose true or false for a number sentence 4. memory game : find all the number pairs 5. number pattern : choose the correct number to complete the pattern of real numbers 6. sort ascending : sort 4 numbers ascending based on their values 7. sweeping numbers : sweep numbers horizontally, vertically or diagonally in the board that have a total value less than a certain number 8. follow the rhythm : follow the apps rhythm, press the order of a numbers chain correctly answer each of those games before the time bomb explodes except bonus game. every game has its requirement. try to unlock all the games. profile : login to your Facebook account and see your achievement card. there are Facebook photo, gender, level, exp, hearts, coins, stars and moons. share it to your Facebook timeline game scoring : 1 game over consumes 1 heart. 1 level up requires 200 players exp. clear 1 mission gets 10 exp. win a game obtains coins and random star. watching 1 rewarded ads receives 1 moon. shop : 1. heart : buy more hearts to prevent game over 2. moon : use it to unlock some games and cheats 3. random cheat : get a random achievement or currency 4. lucky wheel : spin the wheel to get prizes, can be hearts, moons, stars, coins or bomb buy them by watching rewarded ads or with other currency. app rating : please rate 5 stars & give a good review if you like this app. help us to always provide high quality of educational games. if you have any question or are not quite happy, feel free to contact us. reach our email on the Google Play Store page. missions : claim the mission if the requirement has been fulfilled or you have done it. there are 6 main missions : 1. rate me 2. share achievement 3. invite Facebook friends 4. see top players 5. watch rewarded interstitial ads 6. spin lucky wheel claim those missions only once per app life. and 12 daily missions : 1. share profile 2. invite Facebook friends 3. check top players 4. morning sign in 5. afternoon sign in 6. evening sign in 7. night sign in 8. collect 100 coins 9. collect 2 stars 10. collect 70 exp 11. watch ads 12. spin lucky wheel claim those missions everyday. cheat on math magic or quick math? dont ask me about this dont email me & dont use this feature haha. increase your math skill and surpass your friend. you dont need to use math calculator, addition worksheets and subtraction worksheets. or open the math websites, math table, math book, math dictionary and math worksheets. do you know popular terms of cool math? we have some math terms for second grade math : algebra, equivalent, decimal, prime numbers, etc. our topics are educational games for kids and free math games for kids. finish reading? and then what is mathematics? FAQ the ads failed to show? 1. check the internet 2. come back next day because the ads number has its limit 3. or email us

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