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This app is designed for computer science engineering,b. tech, mca,bca,ms student & software professionals to learn C Programming Language questions mostly asked during interview. it covered almost questions from all topics languages:natural and artificial,machine languages,high-level programming languages,obtaining the machine code: compilation process,integer values in “C”, integer literals,Data types ,floating point vales in “C”, float literals,arithmetic operators,priority and binding,post- and pre -incrementation and -decrementation,operators of type op=,char type and ASCII code, char literals,equivalence of int and char data,comparison operators,conditional execution,if keyword,printf() and scanf() functions,Flow control,conditional execution continued: the “else” branch,more integer and float types,conversions,typecast,operators,loops – while, do and for,controlling, break and continue,logical and bitwise operators,Arrays,switch: different faces of ‘if,arrays (vectors),sorting,an address, a reference, a dereference and the sizeof operator,simple pointer and pointer to nothing (NULL),& operator,pointers arithmetic,pointers vs. arrays: different forms of the same phenomenon,using strings: basicsbasic functions dedicated to string manipulation,Memory management and structures,array indexing,the usage of pointers: perils and disadvantages,void type,arrays of arrays and multidimensional arrays,memory allocation and deallocation: malloc() and free() functions,arrays of pointers vs. multidimensional arrays,structures,declaring, using and initializing structures,pointers to structures and arrays of structures,basics of recursive data collections,functions,how to declare, define and invoke a function,variables scope, local variables and function parameters,pointers, arrays and structures as function parameters,function result and return statement,void as a parameter, pointer and result,parameterizing the main function,external function and the extern declarator,header files and their role,Files and streams,files vs. streams: where does the difference lie,header files needed for stream operations,FILE structure,opening and closing a stream, open,modes, errno variable,reading and writing to/from a stream,predefined streams: stdin, stdout and stderr,stream manipulation: fgetc(), fputc(), fgets() and fputs() functions,raw input/output: fread() and fwrite() functions,preprocessor,#include,#define: simple and parameterized macros,#undef directivepredefined preprocessor symbols,macrooperators: # and ##,conditional compilation: #if and #ifdef directives,scopes of declarations, storage classes,user -defined types.

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