Elements of Aeronautics

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Notes,quiz,blog and videos of elements of aeronautics . for aeronautical engineering.It almost cover all important topics which are indexed chapter wise Chapter 1 STORICAL EVALUATION 1. History of aviation 2. History of space flight 3. History of Indian space experience 4. Pre Wright Brothers era 5. Wright Flyer 6. progress in airplane design and applications 7. biplanes and monoplanes 8. Structures and propulsion over the years Chapter 2 AIRCRAFT CONFIGURATIONS 1. Components of an airplane and their functions 2. Different types of flight vehicles 3. Conventional control 4. Powered control 5. Basic instruments for flying 6. typical systems for control Actuation Chapter 3 INTRODUCTION TO PRINCIPLES OF FLIGHT 1. Physical properties and structure of the atmosphere 2. different parts of airplane 3. Wing as lifting surface 4. Types of wing plan forms 5. Aerofoil pressure distribution 6. Lift and Drag 7. Mach number Chapter 4 INTRODUCTION TO AIRPLANE STRUCTURES 1. general types of construction of airplane 2. Monocoque 3. semi-monocoque and geodesic construction 4. Typical wing and fuselage structure 5. Metallic and non-metallic materials 6. Use of aluminium alloy 7. stainless steel and composite materials Chapter 5 POWER PLANTS USED IN AIRPLANES 1. Piston Engine Aircraft and Turboprop Engine Aircraft 2. turbo-fan 3. turbo-shaft 4. Prop-fan 5. Possible locations of power plant on airplane 6. Rocket Propulsion 7. liquid and solid propellant rockets