Elite Army Commando : Sniper Warrior

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Elite Army Commando : Sniper Warrior is an exciting and destroy targets shooting game. Taking the role as an elite sniper soldier, you must defend an army base from the oncoming waves of enemy soldiers. Your army headquarter is being attacked and your mission is to use your sniper rifle and sniper skills to take out each enemy to protect the army base in order to get onto the next level because you are the only one left to defend it. Your headquarter are in 4 different regions and each region has 10 levels, so there are total 40 levels with each level number of enemies will increase and so is the difficulty and the player will also have a stronger health to keep himself in the game a bit longer. So enjoy this 3D shooter, sniper game and thrilling action game. You have sniper missions on different army regions or base camps. Elite Army Sniper 3D game has 4 different army regions / base camps * mountain Valley Base (10 Levels) * dessert Base (10 Levels) * snow Land Base (10 Levels) * ocean Shore Base (10 Levels) Elite Army Sniper 3D game action game feature * perfect interface: a first-person shooter * Elite Army Sniper 3D game has 4 different army regions * assassin shooter experience killing troops of soldiers * highly detailed levels with intense shooting action * 3D real looking battlefield environment scenarios and quality sound effect * detailed GUI with smooth controls, breathtaking animations