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Call Of Glory : Commando War latest, challenging game in commando games. A Wakeup Call As army assassin, your mission is to infiltrate in secure army basecamp, air base locations and eliminate high-profile targets, using Map and guns: sniper, AK47 to perform lethal military strikes and confront the army Syndicate across. The enemy army isnt aware of your maneuver so take your first shot carefully be like army assassin, army will attack you once they get alert, complete the mission objectives, you must complete the task to advance to the next mission to be an best army assassin unique in commando games. Call Of Glory : Commando War is a latest army game in commando games and army games. Call Of Glory : Commando War is commando shooter and army game which is free fps army game that is all about shooting and survival with your strategy. A new army game, in army games for kids, Call Of Glory: Commando War you are an army assassin on frontline soldier in commando army mission in army games. Youre a commando shooter assigned mission is to use your AK47, sniper weapon, aim skills to shoot to death rivals in their homeland and survive in this shooter game, whose control terror activity and intend harm your homeland, in commando shooter Call Of Glory : Commando War unique in army games for kids. In this mission like commando games, observe the airbase, basecamp and enemies before making the right choice. **Game Missions ** Kill every individual in your way through 6 enemy battlefields Hold your weapons, be a sniper specialist. Mission 1 Infiltrate Mission 2 Death Fortress Mission 3 Make A Noise Mission 4 Ice Cage Mission 5 Desert Arrow Mission 6 Final Combat Mission 7 Jungle Mayhem 1 Mission 8 Jungle Mayhem 2 Mission 9 Nuclear Blast Mission 10 Battle In The City Mission 11 Cyberian Snow Rock

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