Educationals Kids Games



Educational Kids Games for children, in English and Spanish. Educational Playgorunds is a free collection of simple games with which children will be immersed in an educational adventure to learn while playing and having fun with cute drawings and voices in English and Spanish. It is very simple and basic for the homes smaller kids are handled with ease. This application is free, and the children can enjoy educational games in English and Spanish with different sections where you can play and learn at the same time. These sections are divided into numbers, letters, colors, shapes, body parts, transport, animals and fruits. Each section is divided into two parts. The first, to learn, to which learning takes place and where they can see sympathetic objects and hear how to pronounce the object with funny voices in English and Spanish, and with childrens and adult voices. In this way the kids can easily relate the object with sound and learn while having fun. The second part, search, make five questions abaut the section. For each question the sound of the object play and children have to press the correct object that it have played. This encourages the children and makes them strive for the ultimate reward, all with funny voices that makes the process very enjoyable. Moreover, in the main panel you have access to the statisticss area where mum and dad can see the progress of kids in their learning and thereby reinforce whats needed. Note that everything is available in two languages, Spanish and English, and with funny childrens and adult voices. The main goal of Educational Kids Games is to entertain educating, so that little by little the mum and dad note the progress of the kids. With little use of the application will begin to notice how children begin to connect sounds with objects. With this educational application the kids can learn: Numbers Letters Colors Forms Body parts Transportation Animals Fruit