GOLDS AMP: Audio Coaching and Music


Health & Fitness

GOLDS AMP™ combines unlimited workouts led by real Golds Gym Coaches with thousands of high-energy mixes for the ultimate audio fitness experience. Whether youre in the gym or on the road, GOLDS AMP™ puts the Golds Gym experience at your fingertips. Choose your coach, choose your workout, choose your music, and go CHOOSE YOUR COACH PUSH HARDER with Expert Golds Gym Coaching Our original workouts are created by Golds Gym experts who coach and encourage you every step of the way. CHOOSE YOUR WORKOUT Find workouts of all intensity levels and lengths for: • Treadmill • Elliptical • Stair Climber • Rowing • Biking • Outdoor Running • Walking and Jogging • Bodyweight • Stretching • Core • Meditation CHOOSE YOUR MUSIC GO FASTER with High-Energy Mixes That Make You Move GOLDS AMP™ is loaded with thousands of DJ mixes across over 40 music genres that are updated weekly. Mixes are randomized so even if youre repeating your favorite workout, itll feel new with a fresh mix. Listen to your Coachs curated playlist or choose your own playlist based on genre, BPM, or activity type. GOLDS AMP features include: • Unlimited access to all workouts and music • Expert guidance, coaching and encouragement every step of the way • Music curated by the coaches for every workout. Dont like the music? Choose your own from thousands of DJ mixes in over forty genres • New workout content available every other week • Low, medium and high intensity workouts for every fitness level • Set your own intervals Create your own workout with our interval tool • Share your workout results with friends and family on social media • Get alerted of new workouts and stay motivated when you turn on push notifications Try your first 2 hours of GOLDS AMP™ coaching and music FREE, then receive a free 7-day trial when you upgrade to our Premium plan. Dont miss out Push harder. Go faster. Its all in your head. Support & Feedback Wed love to hear from you Email us at for any technical issues or questions. Write us at with comments and ideas. Find our Terms and Conditions here: