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Complete Free handbook of Electrical Measurement with diagrams and graphs. App covers notes on Electrical Measurement. The best app in Engineering Education also brings the blog where you can contribute your work and get the research, industry, university News on the subject. The application serves to both engineering students and professionals. It provides quick revision and reference to the topics like a detailed flash card. Each topic is complete with diagrams, equations and other forms of graphical representations for easy understanding It covers over 120 topics of Electrical Measurements and Measuring Instruments. The topics are divided in 5 units. Some of topics Covered in this application are: 1. Introduction to measuring instruments and Classification of Measuring Instruments 2. Deflecting System 3. Controlling System 4. Spring Control 5. Comparison of Controlling Systems 6. Damping System 7. Air Friction Damping 8. Fluid Friction Damping 9. DArsonval Galvanometer 10. Torque Equation 11. Intrinsic Constants of Galvanometer 12. Dynamic Behaviour of Galvanometer 13. Underdamped Motion 14. Undamped Motion 15. Critically Damped Motion 16. Overdamped Motion 17. logarithmic Decrement 18. Settling Time 19. Effect of External Resistance on Damping 20. Sensitivity of Galvanometer 21. Permanent Magnet Moving Coil Instruments (PMMC) 22. Taut Band instrument 23. Moving Iron Instruments 24. Errors in Moving Iron Instruments 25. Basic D.C. Ammeter 26. Multirange Ammeters 27. The Aryton Shunt or Universal Shunt 28. Basic D.C. Voltmeter 29. Multirange Voltmeters 30. Sensitivity of Voltmeters 31. Loading Effect, Precautions to be taken while using a Voltmeter, Requirements of a Multiplier and Ammeter and Voltmeter 32. Electrostatic Instruments 33. Types of Electrostatic Voltmeters 34. Idiostatic Connection 35. Kelvin Multicellular Voltmeter 36. Attracted Disc Electrostatic Voltmeter 37. Extension of Range of Electrostatic Instruments 38. Instrument Transformers 39. Current Transformers (C.T.) 40. Construction of Current Transformers 41. Potential Transformers (P.T.) 42. Ratios of Instrument Transformers 43. Theory of Current Transformers 44. Derivation of Actual Ratio 45. Derivation of Phase Angle ( θ ) of Transformer 46. Errors in Current Transformer 47. Theory of Potential Transformers 48. Difference between Instrument and Power Transformers 49. Power Factor Meters 50. Moving Iron Power Factor Meter 51. Frequency Meters 52. Weston Frequency Meter 53. Phase Sequence Indicators 54. Synchroscopes 55. Synchroscopes 56. Electrodynamometer or Weston Type Synchroscope 57. Moving Iron Synchroscope 58. Introduction to Power Measurement 59. A. C. Power 60. Electrodynamometer Type Instruments 61. Torque Equation 62. Single Phase Dynamometer wattmeter 63. Shape of Scale of Dynamometer wattmeter 64. Error due to Pressure Coil Inductance 65. Low Power Factor Electrodynamics Type wattmeter 66. Power In Three Phase System 67. Single or One wattmeter Method 68. Three wattmeter Method 69. Blondels Theorem 70. Power Factor Calculation by Two wattmeter Method 71. Modified Version of 2 wattmeter Method as One wattmeter Method 72. One wattmeter Method for Reactive Volt-amperes Measurement 73. Extension of Range of wattmeter using Instrument Transformers 74. Phasor Diagrams and Correction Factors 75. Three Phase wattmeter 76. Measurement of Energy 77. Construction of Energy meter 78. Theory of Single Phase Induction Type Energy meter 79. Errors and Compensations 80. Light Load Adjustment or Friction Adjustment 81. Three Phase Energymeter 82. Use of C.T and PT. in Energy Measurement 83. Introduction to Tariff All topics are not listed because of character limitations set by the Play Store.