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EID MUBARAK Presents Eid Wishes 2017-18 Eid is a beautiful and lovely occasion for Muslim ummah so we must share it with our loved ones and living in such a busy schedule we often forget to remember our loved ones to say greetings at such a beautiful event. So we provide you an easy way to say your greetings with your loved ones on just one click by EID MUBARAK app. it consist of more than 100 nice and so meaningful sms. it consist of English sms too. it gives you an opportunity to send eid mubarak sms to your loved ones anywhere anytime. by it you can send eid mubarak text messages/eid greetings by phone sms,email,whatsapp,twitter,facebook etc. it has beautiful and smooth background. it contains great collection of eid sms.You can send eid mubarak sms to more than one contacts. You can choose your favorite eid sms. FEATURES * easy to use * share SMS with twitter friends * share SMS with facebook friends * send SMS to your Google+ friends * share SMS at whatsapp * share SMS with your sms friends * share SMS via bluetooth * you can select your favourite EID sms * select contacts and send directly * you can type/add anything in the sms In case of any problem feel free to contact us at | eidmubarakapp@gmail.com itll be very much appreciated.