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Start using Ecosia today and join a global community of over 7 million people taking action to reforest the planet and fight climate change. Ecosia is the search engine that plants trees with its ad revenue. All profits are used to finance tree-planting programs and empower communities all over the world. Ecosia Browser uses Ecosia as its search engine, which means you can plant trees for free, just by searching the web. Features Ecosia Browser is based on Chromium and is as fast and secure. It gives you an intuitive browsing experience with everything you need: • Tabs • Private mode • History • Bookmarks • Downloads Planet Over Profit Ecosia is a social business and a certified B-Corp. We measure our success by the positive impact we and our users have on people and the environment. As part of our vision to end deforestation, we want to plant one billion new trees by 2020. Why Trees? More than 25% of the worlds population rely on forest resources for their livelihoods. By planting trees you can fight climate change, restore landscapes, protect wildlife, provide nutrition, employment, education and create political as well as economic stability. Transparent We know that trust has to be earned. Thats why we publish all our monthly financial reports and tree planting receipts on our website. Learn more Find out more about our tree planting projects, team, and mission on our website: Follow us on our journey to 1 billion trees: Facebook: Instagram: YouTube: Twitter: