Medicopia - Drug Reference App

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Medicopia, created by senior doctors, is a mobile pharmacopeia app intended for use by healthcare professionals at the point of patient care. It serves as a reference tool allowing health care providers to access prescription information on medications approved for use in the Indian market. The Medicopia app is used by thousands of doctors in India. Please download it and share it with others in the healthcare community. The information contained in the application includes: - Generic as well as brand names of medicines - Indication(s) for their use - Dosing for specific illnesses - Adverse drug reactions - Contraindications for use - Pharmacology of the drug in question With this application, we hope to provide health care workers with a comprehensive and accurate drug reference guide in the palm of their hand. Features: Medicopia gives access to prescription information on medications approved for the Indian market. Get generic as well as brand names of medicines, the indication(s) for their use, dosing, adverse reactions, contraindications, pharmacology of the drugs and the most importantly, the brand prices. The most important medical calculators do the math while you take care of your patients. Detailed drug-drug interactions help you quickly determine the required drug component adjustments, substitutions.

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