Earth Explore: Risen




Are you ready for an excitingly unique experience? Earth Explore comes up with the best features for a comfortable gameplay, making your gaming experience a blast Great graphics and soundscapes take the game to a totally new level of freshness and modernism. Earth Explore is letting you dive into that beautiful realm of exploring the Earths deepest secrets, with a feeling of everlasting discovery. • Drill your way through the endless depths of the Earth. • Enjoy the progression of an improved upgrading system for your awesome drillbot machine • Negotiate with the scientists who love to find use for your valuable ores. • Try out fun experimental devices and upgrades that aid you on the way of wealth and success. • Share high scores with your friends to find out who is the most skillful miner out there • Expect a bunch of updates and add-ons in near future: New features, machines, items, environments and more Youll be digging it. :)