Cable Calculator Lite




BS 7671 17th Edition Cable Calculator... A cable size calculator Application, that allows electricians / Engineers to quickly calculate the size of a single circuit, in accordance with BS 7671: 2008 Amd 1 .. 2011 The App is divided into 2 sections.... The first section allows for calculation of phase conductor. Correction factors will be applied for temperature, Grouping, insulation and protection type. And suitable cable will be selected for calculated current carrying capacity. Volt drop is then calculated for cable length, and size automatically increased to suit (If required..) The second section of the App will calculate minimum required CPC for Circuit. Correction factors for ambient temperature applied for maximum rated Zs of protective device, and for calculating resistance of conductors (R1 + R2). Earth Fault Loop Impedance (Zs), Fault current and disconnection times will be calculated. And a suitable size CPC up to 16mm will be selected. Minimum Armour Size of Cable will also be calculated when using SWA Cable. The App is currently suitable for. Domestic Single phase supplies using PVC 70oC Cables. PVC Flat Sheathed Cables (up to 16mm). PVC Multicore Cables (up to 25mm). PVC Single core Cables (up to 25mm). PVC SWA Cables (up to 25mm). and Appropriate install methods for each cable type. And protective devices include... BS3036 semi-enclosed fuses. (up to 60A). MCBs (up to 63A). All Values for calculations are taken from current edition of On Site Guide & BS 7671. Please rate this App if you like it ... **Please note this App is designed for larger mobile phones and tablets... Although Google play device filtering is used to ensure download to suitable devices only, Some smaller devices may still be able to download the App...

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