The final application for canariculture (Amateur and professional canary growth). Control your aviary status at all moment and take full advantage from genetics calculations and inbreeding coefficients.small(optional modules) Approved by the most prestigious associations. FEATURES ★ Identify every canary with ring, year, stam, cage.. ★ Customizable filters ★ Decease control. ★ Automatic reminders creation in calendar for clutch control. ★ Genealogical tree. ★ Breeding and reference guides included. ★ Precise inbreeding coefficient calculation (Wrights formula). ★ Compliance of Felchs table for inbreeding with percentages. ★ Objective genetics valuation for specimen pairing. ★ Lipochrome genetics, plume, red beak, white wings. ★ Classic and mutated melanin genetics. ★ Backup in the device or in the cloud. ★ Rings color according to specifications of the C.O.M. (Configurable) ★ Print canary sheet, canaries list or eggs list ★ Accepted multiple devices per license

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