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Featured on Google Play store across 100+ countries, Call Levels is a simple, independent and reliable tool to track your financial assets. Our automatic alerts free you from time-consuming market analysis tasks and allows you to focus on your everyday life. Dont lose sleep over the stock markets or wait anxiously for your forex or commodities prices to trigger New Features Due to popular demand, you can now create Notes for every level - keep track of all the levels you have set and update yourself on what actions to take following a trigger. Also, you can now Edit an active level Direct Exchange Data Call Levels tracks global markets every minute around the clock, with data direct from the exchanges. We cover over 10,000 assets in forex, commodities, stocks and indices with customized market snapshots for each of your assets Easy and Immediate Alerts Select your financial asset, slide to your desired call level and get immediate alerts on your phone or tablet device once the price is triggered Share your levels with your friends and help them stay informed at the same time. Tracking your global investments has never been this easy or this social Customized Market Snapshot Call Levels provides you with a market snapshot for every asset you are tracking. Stay updated with charts and relevant news to inform your investment decisions. Always Free Call Levels is free to use Registering with your email or Facebook account lets you sync your account across multiple devices, customize notifications and track more assets. **Featured on Google Play Store, Forbes,, Yahoo Finance, and shortlisted for Benzingas Fintech Awards 2016** Invest like a Pro Today: - Try Call Levels for FREE - Sign up to set more call levels, receive customized recommendations - Customized market snapshots and news feeds - Effortless user interface - Immediate iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch alerts and email notifications - Set alerts across 10,000+ financial assets - Add a note for every level - Edit active levels Subscribe to Call Levels Plus: - Set up to 30 Call Levels - 5-minute reminders for every call level triggered - Share your active levels with up to 100 contacts - Add a note for every level - Edit active levels - Exclusive Plus-only updates Watchlist and Price Alerts for: - SGX-listed Equities - over 800 SGX-listed assets are now available - Forex - we cover over 850 pairs - Commodities - Indices - US-listed Equities - Cryptocurrency Alerts - Immediate customizable alerts - set your alerts to snooze or increase the volume of your alarm for important assets - Email alerts to anyone in your list - Absolutely free What we Promise - Easy to use, reliable and independent - We are always on your side - No front running - No complicated technical financial data and charts - No spam alerts Subscribe to Call Levels Plus through the app for USD4.99/month or USD49.99/year (prices may vary depending on country). If you choose to subscribe, you will be charged a price according to your country. The price will be shown in the app before you complete the payment. Subscriptions renew automatically, and youre charged at the beginning of each subscription period. If you dont want it to renew, you can cancel or change the subscription from your Google Play account. More on Call Levels Plus: Terms of use: Privacy policy: --------------------------------------------------------------- Help us make Call Levels better Let us know at ---------------------------------------------------------------

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