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Are you tired of bad connection and to be broken when you are talking with someone on mobile via internet? callFrodo is a FREE all-in-one-app that solves that problem Start create your new free communication community today NO COSTS, ONLY BENEFITS - HD quality - Integrated phonebook - CallerID - See who is calling - See who is online of your contacts - Top up / Recharge in the app - International calls to fixed and other mobile phones with best rates - Rates in the app KEEP YOUR MOBILE NUMBER, OPERATOR AND SIMCARD: callFrod does not require you to switch neither sim-card nor operator. When you install callFrodo, it will work with your current subscription. You keep your familiar number, operator and sim-card, it is easy and painless. CALL AND SEND SMS WITHOUT SIMCARD: And even better – you can even call, video call and send SMS without your sim-card installed Just connect to WiFi and you are ready to go. FREE video calls: Video calls opens up new opportunities and better communication with the caller. Upon seeing the person you are talking to, you can view live images of what you are talking about when you are traveling or just to show something to the other person. Its free to video call with callFrodo when both have downloaded the app and have access to wireless internet. There are a good reason why you should get your friends and family to download callFrodo In the same manner as you send SMS free using callFrodo through the internet, you can send pictures and videos free. FREE attachments: When you send pictures or videos to others users of callFrodo, it is free of charge wherever you are, as long as you are connected either to a WiFi network or 3G. You can either choose to send pictures or videos taken at your present location, or use pictures and videos stored in your phones library, and send free using callFrodo. CHEAPER INTERNATIONAL CALLING: With callFrodo you can do cheaper international calls with best rates and easy top up and recharge inside the app. If you normally use calling cards, you can download callFrodo for FREE and make cheaper international calls with your cell phone to Middle East, Asia, Africa and the US. Use callFrodo for international calling and find call rates inside the app ENJOY THE EXPERIENCE Download now

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