CAL20000 STAR MAP This is lunisolar calendar for korean(include chiness), ephemeris, star map software. This application calculate high accurate Sun, Moon and Planetss position as minute scale and show the result on Month/Day table, planet layout and Star map based on Yale Bright Star Catalog 5th. Effective Year : -9,999 10,000 (20,000 years) Inquiry period : +-525949 minute(1year) V2.5 Information Sun, Moon, Planets position, trace, event information is calculated and shown on the month/day table and star map such as Stationary(start/finish retrograde), conjunction(inferior/superior), opposition, greatest elongation(east/wast), Quardrature(east/west), perihelion, aphelion, ascending/descending ecliptic and planets(moon) conjunction for planets orbit. North, South, the zenith of observer centered star map is drew with Korean and Western constellation information. ------------------------------------------------- Below is v1.02 Inforamation This calendar display a month which is Gregorian calendar in total effective year. On the month table, Each day cell have solar day number which is Gregroian date, lunar month/day number , sexagenary day unit(日辰 or 干支), star letter of 28 mansions(二十八宿). These data of a day have been used very long period which is maybe from more than 5000 years ago to now and currently is used widely in Korean and Chinese real life. And also it is indicated the 24 solar terms, new/full moon time with eclipse occurrence and its floating Julian day number for verification of accuracy. The new contents to be added Android CAL20000 - Kusung(九星) Calendar and KiMoon(奇門) Calendar Information is added. The relation information is on here(Korean). The year range for Kusung and Kimoon is 1880 2055. - The decade luck and its change time, the ten celestial stems in month time are displayed with very precisely value. - The Korea era(檀紀) and Buddha era(佛紀) are added. - Moon orbit information is added. The informations are new moon, full moon, first quarter, last quarter, Apogee, Perigee, Ascending node, Descending Node every exact time, the distance between earth and moon and its rate, solor/lunar eclipse occurrence. - Islamic Year and Month(Hijra) is added. - Easter date is added. - The Julian calendar date is displayed before Oct 1582. - Chinese character is used as possible as can be expressed for Sinosphere people.

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