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Camera Remote Main Functions: New Functions: 2.8.9: Sound mode added on Remote and Remote Sync modes. 2.8.0: App start parameter accept (param: start_mode, options: camera_mode, remote_mode, camera2_mode, remote2_mode). Other apps or Tasker could start camera remote app with parameter. (Tasker data example: start_mode:camera_mode) 2.7.7: App default recording folder settings for the external storages; SD Card. Screen Sharing Mode: share android screen to the remote android or desktop pc (2.7.2) Download Remote Display PC Application: Easy Selfie Mode (2.7.0): voice command, sound trigger, and device shake modes Screen Recording option. (2.6.8) Wi-Fi Direct (P2P, peer to peer) mode added. Manual camera remote control (lollipop). Self Timer function added. Histogram and remote battery, disk storage status. Fore more info, visit at: Recorded preview images to a single video file converting. Latest Update: Wear Watch support. Wear App YouTube video demo: Control remote camera from Android Wear Watches. For more info, please visit at Multiple Camera Control from same remote mode For more info visit following help link: 1. Bluetooth Mode, WiFi Mode, and Web Control Mode 2. Remote Camera Control from another Android, Wear Watch, Notebook, or Desktop PC, and from Web Browsers. 3. Remote Viewfinder (realtime) 4. Record preview frames and play instantly. 5. Take remote photo, list, and dwonload images. 6. Remote video recording. (Multiple video size support) 7. Change remote camera settings. 8. Front and rear camera change from both remote and camera modes. 9. Change preview frame rates. 10. Status sound on/off. 11. File Explorer 12. Record Player NEW: Galaxy Camera Support. NEW: Wear Watch Support. For more information please visit following link. Wear Watch Help Web Controller: control camera from web browsers. Old Version App Web Controller is still available Paid Version must use following web controller. Camera Remote Help: Camera Remote PC Help: *** New Promotion Codes *********************************************** Promotion is closed. Please check more for in the future updates. To win or get the promotion code, please email the developer about the code. Or, visit the developer web site about more information. Web Site: Developer Email: Email Subject: Camera Remote Promotion Code ******************************************************************************* Camera Remote PC Application Android Camera also could be controlled by using Camera Remote PC desktop application. For more information please check help section, or visit above links. With WiFi mode, the remote android camera would be controlled from far distance than Bluetooth mode. With Bluetooth mode, it is very useful if there is no network connection available. (Note: Application is based on the Bluetooth Chat android sample application.)

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