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A new way to get around your city The cheapest way to arrive at your destination. Your trip in two taps. Choose your place of origin and the destination. Youll see who your driver is and all his information (car model and licenses plate). Also, monitor his way to your location. Available at ANYTIME YetGo works tirelessly to pick you up at anytime, day or night, also to provide you with the experience possible. Your feedback makes us better Review your driver and tell us about your trip using YetGo. Your feedback will ALWAYS help us, to provide a better and more friendly app. The benefits of using YetGo • We offer 4 options of transportation for our users: Common, Luxury, Taxi and Motorcycle taxi service (Mototaxi). Prices may vary. • Fixed price. No matter what how many people request a driver near you, our base price stays same. • No cancellation fee. You can cancel at any time time, free of charge. Easy to use • Download the app and create an account • Insert your location and where you want to go (destination) • Using your GPS, the app sends your location to the driver • Youll receive your drivers information • Choose payment from cash or credit (charged directly in the app) • When your trip is finished, rate your driver (1 to 5 stars), and comment as well. Questions & Suggestions: Follow us: • •