Contraction Timer

Barts Lab



Contraction timer will help you to record your labor activities during pregnancy. By simply logging the start and the end of a contraction, an duration, interval and a labor-phase are calculated. - timer, history, and a graphical overview - simple start / stop (eg. shake telephone to start / stop) - editing and deleting entries - optional comments for each contraction possible - Homescreen widgets (4x1, 2x1, 1x1) for quick start / stop (also supported on lockscreen with Android 4.2 and higher) - Import / Export data in CSV format - light and dark color theme - in app help (accessible through Settings button) - a lot of options concerning usability and data to display Do you have questions, troubles or suggestions please leave us a comment on our website: This app is dedicated to my wife and my daughter who gave me the opportunity / necessity to write this app :)