Earth Live Wallpaper




Earth Live Wallpaper with lots of customization App Highlight ------------------------------------------------------------ ✔ Earth map with topography and ocean depth ✔ Map with night city lights ✔ Bumpy earth surface simulation ✔ Set sunlight colour and sun XYZ position ✔ Moving cloud over earth globe ✔ Option to show or hide moon ✔ Background animated stars ✔ Custom background scene using own image ✔ Extra effect with Meteor & Santa Claus & UFO ✔ All planets from our solar system ✔ Change earth map with swipe ✔ Zoom earth with double tap ✔ All features are FREE We hope you will like our beautiful earth, and always love and protect her Set this earth live wallpaper by pressing the Wallpaper button in the app, or go to Home - Menu - Wallpaper - Live Wallpaper, and then select Beautiful Earth Live Wallpaper. Internet & Network permissions are used for 3rd party Ad.