Easter Eggs Delivery-Bunny


Role Playing


So kids as we all know spring has come and it is the time of new beginning and Easter is around the corner Spring holidays and Easter holiday must have cheer up your mood specially the beautiful spring flowers so get ready for the holidays, eggs hunt and party. This is a Holy week but you must be already thinking about cookies, chocolates, ice creams, tasty yummy candies, cakes, creamy cupcakes, candy stars and of course wonderful beautiful Easter eggs. A famous mascot of Easter is the ‘Easter Bunny, hes the one who brings chocolate and design eggs to kids all around the world. Sometimes he decides to hide them and kids go on an Easter egg hunt to find them all. Easter eggs are beautiful multi-color eggs which brings joy to little angels and kids. Pinkaboo games are proud to be a part of this annual worldwide tradition as we bring to you Easter Eggs Delivery-Bunny Unfortunately in our game, the Bunny has fallen asleep and forgotten to hide the eggs all across the world. He barely has enough time to hand them out before kids start to realise that they might not be getting their yummy chocolate, glitter , sprinkle, painterly, golden cool eggs this year. On top of that, he has even forgotten to decorate them before giving them away Now its your job to save Easter and to help our cute little Easter Bunny with his mission. First youll have to decorate the 4 different types of eggs with colours and patterns until you have filled a bucket. After that you will proceed to the delivery phase, houses will be highlighted on the map where you have to deliver the eggs as the eager parents await the incredibly cute fluffy Bunny Upon collection of the eggs, they will reward the cuddly rabbit with Marshmallows and Chocolates to keep him going on this hectic day. Play as long as you want to it is full of fun and excitement with 20 levels this game will fill your holidays with lots of happiness. If you think you have what it takes to save Easter then start playing our challenging new game as soon as possible Get in the spirit of the occasion as youd have to wait an entire year before this event comes around again for you to take part in. This game is not only great for the little angels and kids but for the grownups too. You just have to tap and make the Easter eggs a piece of art and then deliver to the people with cute bunny. So hurry up install this lovely game and share with your friends family and complete all the levels for a challenge. The best part of this game is that this is absolutely free so enjoy. Happy Holidays:] Easter Eggs Delivery-Bunny Game Features: -Very easy game play nothing hard you just have to deliver and decorate the eggs on time. - You have the awesome beautiful options to make your Easter eggs attractive. - Very user friendly game no need to worry kids. -Dark and bright colours to choose with multiple choices of designs.