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C programming quiz C Programming Quiz app is the easy way to check your C Language Programming knowledge. C quiz provides Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) related to C Programming language Framework. Test your knowledge of C language by answering simplest to hard questions(Pointers-Trees-Struct...). All you have to do is just concentrate and read carefully each and every questions and select the correct one before running out of time. You must obtain at least 9 points to unlock the next level. This app will help you If you are applying for a job or have a test on C programming, you must be over prepared. C Quiz helps you learn not just the fundamentals of the C programming language but with the advanced questions(Pointers-Trees-Struct...), it does test you rigorously. C Programming Quiz will help students who are looking for a job or who have exam on C. It is also useful for programmers who are looking to update their C programming language. C Programming language is one of the most practical and beautiful programming languages because of that we made this app to help learning it. Features : - Compatible with all devices. - Support 2 languages : English and French - Hundreds of questions to attempt from - Continuous update of questions in the question database. - Timer will help you increase the speed and sharpen your brain to solve tricky and complex questions. - Share the score with your friends on Facebook. - Stylish UI design. We are continuously adding new questions to the questions database. So update the app constantly to test your knowledge on other questions. Every computer science student must have C Programming quiz app. Enjoy learning C language with C Programming Quiz MCQ app now,Its totally FREE. Wed love to hear your feedback and suggestions about our App C programming Quiz PRO MCQs: . Contact us via : developers.alob@gmail.com

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