Calendar with colors

Perfect tools



A great efforts were made to provide a comfortable user experience in this calendar. This calendar will help you manage and remember important events in the timeline. The notes may be painted in colors comfortable to the eye. A triangle with the appropriate color will appear next to every day with a note. Benefits: - This calendar is easy to use. - Instantly view the note without need to scrolling or browsing. - Monthly view of days. - Months paging. - Option to delete events. - Clean and clear design. - Its free What can you do with it? - Helps remember events by using colors - Enables adding a number of events a day - Enables defining color for each event - Colored triangles reminding events in the monthly display. Settings - Set first day of week (Sunday, Monday, Saturday). Reminder - A reminder on the day an event occurs. - Define time for a reminder. - No annoying sound when reminder occurs.

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