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Safe365 is the only GPS locator designed to improve your elders safety and includes a free telecare service for them. Become their Protector to monitor their well-being and gain peace of mind. With Safe365 you will be able to track their location in real time and, in case of an emergency, your elders can contact our professional medical call center by pressing the red button of the application. We manage more than 20 severe cases every day and we use latest geolocation tech to lower the response times. After pressing the emergency button, we will start the protocol, contact the user and its relatives and activate the necessary resources (ambulance, police, firemen...). The application is very intuitive and easy to use. Open the map and see where your family members are. Youll be able to track them in real time, and know if they are ok. Thanks to the latest GPS technology and the agreement with emergency & medical services, the application will allow you to: - View the location of your parents in a map - Get automatic alerts every time they leave or reach home - Press a button to contact directly with the emergency services Gain peace of mind With Safe365 you can take better care of your elders.